Frank Slifka , now 30, has been playing guitar since the age of thirteen. Since then, he has founded, played in and managed many bands until the forming of the ever successful band, The Almas, in 2016.

The Almas are an all original touring hard rock band from New Munster, Wisconsin. Since the beginning of 2019, The Almas have played upwards of 120 shows a year and have toured North America numerous times. Most notably, the “Sin City Tour” which spanned over two months in support of their latest single 'Sin City' which has been streamed over 45K times on Spotify. Until recently the band has been an independently run business  by Frank Slifka himself. 

Frank is publicly known for his raw, energetic rock style, his public sobriety, entrepreneurship, and dedication to the Hagstrom brand. Frank's ultimate goal is to change the status-quo of rock'n'roll. He believes that if you can positively inspire just one person, you have successfully made a difference in the world.

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Frank Slifka


Stage + Recording Gear



  • Hagstrom Vintage Sunburst Super Swede

  • Hagstrom Gold Sparkle Super Swede Custom

  • Hagstrom White Tremar Swede

  • Hagstrom Cosmic Black Burst Super Swede EMG



  • 1987x Marshall 50W Valve Head

  • 1989 Marshall JCM 800 2205 50 Watt Valve Head

  • 1973 Marshall 412 Slant Cabinet


Music Video

Upcoming Tours and Past Shows

Due to the current Covid Pandemic, The Almas have suspended all tours until Spring of 2021. 

The band currently is scheduled for a March tour. 

Dates for this tour span from March - April and will encompass most of the South/Eastern United States.

All previous and current shows can be found here

Contact Information

The Almas



Phone:  US 1-262-210-0544

Address: 9001 312th Ave, Burlington, WI 53105


James Cripps (Blind Anxiety Entertainment)



Phone: 321-720-4587